Current and Future Water charge exemption scheme

Charity Exemption Scheme

The new Scottish Government Exemption Scheme was launched in January 2015 and since April, new charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs have been able to benefit from exemption. Customers who were already exempt under the previous scheme retain full exemption until 31 March 2016. However, unless they have successfully applied for entry to the new exemption scheme by 31 March 2016, these customers will transition to 50% wholesale charges from April 2016. The closing date for applications for exemption in 2016/17 will be 31 March 2017, with an exemption backdated to 1 April 2017.

In broad terms, the Scheme will exempt, subject to certain conditions:
- All Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs with annual incomes of less than £200,000 from the payment of water and sewerage charges.
- Furthermore, those with annual incomes of less than £300,000 but more than £200,000 will receive a 50% discount on their wholesale charges.
- A two-year graduated transition is also in place for those charities that will lose their current exemption as a consequence of these changes.